Professors & Experts


Dr.Mounir Farag

Founder and director of SJI

Dr.Rassmy Abdel-Malek

Head of the Higher Institute of Coptic Studies

Dr. Victor Sami​

Professor and chair person of Psychiatry department Benha University

Bishop Bakhoum

Coptic catholic Bishop vicaire, professor of Doctrinal Law

Pere Henri Boulad

Former Superior of Jesuit congregation and Caritas internationalis

Mrs. Layla Farag

Journalist and Family counselling

Father. Bolos Garas

Former Dean of catholic Seminary

Father. Andarwes Fahmy

dean of Sakakini institute for Theological studies

Father.Abraam Maher

vice Rector of Catholic Seminary

Dott-Eng. Magued Rasmy

Human Resources training Expert 

Dr. Magda Shafiq

MD internal Medecine and Family Counseling expert

Dr. Peter Victor

Consultant psychiatrist MD (adult psychiatry and addiction/substance abuse)

P.Smuel Fayez

Former Dean of Franciscan oriental institute

Father. Youssef Assad

Religion  professor and Member of Patriarchate counseling board

Father.Atef bishay

fransiscan,Professor of Moral Theology

Eng. Magdy Mishraky

Family Counseling expert

Dr.Michael Victor

Consultant psychiatrist MD

Eng. Ramy Sherif

Human Resource training expert

Dr.Marie.Claire Mounir

Assistant lecturer at National Cancer institute Egypt, coordinator of  WOOMB Egypt

Dr.Abanoub Ashraf

Radiotherapy resident doctor

Dr.Sara Salah

Radiology resident doctor and WOOMB teacher


Prof.Magued Bedwani

Psychology consultant

Dr. Anis Awad

MD Family médecine & Psychology

Dr.Marian Nashaat

MD Family médecine consultant

Dr.Sandra Deeb

Pharmacist , member PAV Vatican

Fr. Youhanna Shaker

Francescan, youth formation

Fr. Youhanna Georges

Coordinator Family meetings Alexandria

Mr. Hany Morice

Director Caritas Alexandria

Fr. michel Shafiq

coordinator Youth movement in Alexandria

Fr. Youssef Milad

Lazarist, moral theology

 & pastoral care

Mme. Magda Creta

New Humanity movement &  secretary SJI Alexandria


Fr. Romany Adly

Moral Theology, Family committee responsible

Fr. Boulos Mikhail

Theology professor

Fr. Bakhoum Eweda

Francescan, spirituality professor

Fr. Youhanna Zakaria

Oriental Liturgy professor

Dr. Wafeek Safwat

Pedagogy and psychology specialist

Fr. Emmanuel Mahrous

responsible youth activities

Fr. Armia Ayad

dritto canonico , presidente tribunal Sohag

Fr. Antoun Ayad

Youth movement responsible, Sohag


Mgr. Emmanuel Ayad

Louxor Bishop, Canonic Law

Fr. Elia Iskandar

Francescan Vicaire Louxor , Apostolico Administrator

Fr. Marco Nagui

Vicaire Louxor diocese

Miss Iman Bakhoum

Sociology & Pedagogy  consultant

Fr Agostinos Hanna

Francescan , Family pastoral Louxor

Fr. Marco Mikhail

Francescan, youth movement Louxor

Sister Mariam


Fr. Youssef Zaki

Francescan , youth pastoral Louxor

Fr. Hanna Kamal

Francescan, Spiritual Theology professor

Accredited Billings' teachers

Scientist: Mervet Kozman

Expert Billings’ teacher since 1985

Dr.Marie.Claire Mounir

coordinator of  WOOMB Egypt head quarter

Dr.Sandra Azzab

coordinator of  WOOMB Egypt – Alexandria

Dr.Sara Salah​

BOM Teacher Cairo & Sohag

Dr.Abanoub Ashraf​

BOM Teacher Cairo & Sohag

Ms.Mervat El Gendi

BOM Teacher Luxor

Eng.Lucy Louise

BOM Teacher Luxor

Ms.Tereza Romani

BOM Teacher Sohag

Administrators and Secretaries

Mr. Habib Kozman

Financial team staff

Miss. Mirette Amall

administration team staff

Mme. Magda Creta

secretary SJI Alexandria

Miss. Teresa Romany

secretary SJI Sohag

Miss. Nevine Around

secretary SJI Louxor