Dr.Farag career

Dr. Farag is the founder & Director of Saint Joseph Institute for Family and Bioethics in Egypt and Middle East.

Dr. Farag has a long career more than 30 years as Senior level Expert & a Regional Advisor for Health Management Support & Regional Coordinator for Global Health Initiatives / Health System Strengthening HSS ( GAVI/Global Fund, EU Programmes and IHP+) dealing with Health System and Service Development (HSSD) with Ministries of Health, World Health Organization (WHO), USAID, NGOs and Private organizations, supporting Leadership and managing change at different levels of national health systems in the Middle East and North Africa specially in Countries in Fragile Situations .

Dr. Farag works as a visiting Professor for a number of International universities in The International Oriental Institute (Egypt), Leopold Senghor University (Egypt) Universita Cattolica (Rome- Caltanisetta South Italy), Torun University (Poland), Centros Educacionais Unificados (Spain) /Tangaza University College (Kenya), National Institute of health administration (Morocco), teaching different modules in Public Health, Health System Management, Global Health Initiatives & Health System Strengthening Multidisciplinary GHI/HSS program, Health Quality, Ethics and Moral Values & Virtues and Health, Bioethics

Dr. Farag has a number of publications and contributions in the field of Management Effectiveness Program (MEP) skills, Public Health, Quality management & Accreditation, Ethics of Virtues based on Golden Rule and Balanced aspects of Life, Continuous Personal and Professional Development (ICPD).

Pontifical Academy for Life(PAL):

Dr. Farag has been appointed as a Member of the Pontifical Academy For Life (PAL)Vatican since 1996, as an Ordinary member since 2000 and as a Board Member, representing Africa and Asia from 2010 to 2016.

His interventions in PAL are: “Gospel of life in Arabic &Islamic cultures” (2000 )and “the Ethics of virtues in favor of Life”(2016).

Dr. Farag represented the Holy See Vatican in many international conferences “First Congress of Islamic countries on Medicolegal Medicine” and other conferences organized by the Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences IOMS and also Islamic Organization for Culture Education Sciences ICESCO since 2005 organized in Kuwait ,Egypt, and Iran.

رئيس المجلس البابوي للعائلة في مؤتمر البطاركة الكاثوليك مع الانبا اسطفانوس والدكتور منير 2004
لقاء مع شيخ و مفتي الأزهر، الشيخ طنطاوي 2002

Congress and Workshops

He organized more than fifty International and Regional workshops in the last 15 years including different UN Agencies, NGOs, MOH, Embassies, Donors.

Dr. Farag shared as a speaker and expert in more than Seventy International and Regional Conferences all over the world, since late eighties in the field of Ethics, Family Counseling, Bioethics in different countries; Brazil, Egypt, Italy, Spain, France, Kenya, Sudan, Poland, Magar, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Djibouti and the last one was in Croatia (2017).

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