Internationals Events

Dr. Farag works as a visiting Professor for a number of International universities in The International Oriental Institute (Egypt), Leopold Senghor University (Egypt) Universita Cattolica (Rome- Caltanisetta South Italy), Torun University (Poland), Centros Educacionais Unificados (Spain) /Tangaza University College (Kenya), National Institute of health administration (Morocco), teaching different modules in Public Health, Health System Management, Global Health Initiatives & Health System Strengthening Multidisciplinary GHI/HSS program, Health Quality, Ethics and Moral Values & Virtues and Health, Bioethics.

Dr. Farag shared as a speaker and expert in more than Seventy International and Regional Conferences all over the world, since late eighties in the field of Ethics, Family Counseling, Bioethics in different countries; Brazil, Egypt, Italy, Spain, France, Kenya, Sudan, Poland, Magar, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Djibouti and the last one in Croatia (2017).