Saint Joseph Institute provides faith-centered services across many areas

Since its foundation, Saint Joseph Institute is acting like a training Hub by organizing sessions for engaged couples, married couples, novices, priests, religious, families, and young boys and girls in the field of Family pre Marriage Preparation,  in collaboration with His Eminence the Patriarch and all the Catholic Bishops all over Egypt .

Meeting with the Coptic Catholic Youth, SJI, St. Joseph Institute

Listening and Accompaniment services

Our approach to listening and accompanying couples is marriage-focused and faith-centered.

Graduation Pre-Marital Course, Cairo2006 , St. Joseph Institute

Natural Family Planning​

Saint Joseph Institute is the only accredited center in Egypt from the World Organization of Ovulation method Billing’s WOOMB that offers Billings Ovulation Method™ courses.

The Billings’ ovulation method (BOM) course is offered at the 4 branches of Saint Joseph Institute in Egypt.

The Institute also offers specialized accredited diplomas and certificates for teachers in BOM.

Clergy and Religious Leaders support

The Institute provide Clergy and Religious Leaders support by organizing meetings for trainers in the catholic and Orthodox Coptic Church as well as for teachers coming from various schools and institutes in various provinces.