The 6-session premarital preparation course is designed for engaged couples to learn practical ways of relating to increase their level of intimacy – spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Couples learn how to live with one another in an understanding way, and how to resolve common pitfalls of marriage. The pre marriage preparation course covers many topics:

The medical aspects include an explanation of the biology of women and men; the anatomical similarity between a man and a woman, an understanding of women and their magnificence in giving and an awareness of the splendor of nature and the reproductive system.

The importance of familiarity with the medical aspects in correcting distorted concepts of the beautiful meaning of love, increasing mutual respect and love between spouses, and the success of the physical relationship, because the vast difference between sexual and reproductive relationship.

Bioethics includes moral issues that concern the person from the moment of his birth until his death, it cares about the well-being of the other and the society and revives the culture of love and creating a human conscience.

It is related to all topics that deals with the family such as abortion, euthanasia, IVF ……

They are contraceptive methods and not family planning in the opposite of what is known.

-Hormonal contraception: These methods cause many side effects that start simple and then become dangerous and those side effects may not be noticed until after two years.

-Non-hormonal contraception: mechanical, miscarriage method (IUD or tape), sterilization or tubing for women, sterilization or tying the vas deferens for men.

-The meaning and concept of natural family planning: Are they contraceptives methods? What are the essential differences?

-The natural way: It is a way of life for birth control and its culture is a culture of life, lived and shared by both spouses, a method created by the laws of nature.

-Types and methods of natural family planning.

-Natural ovulation method or Billings (the most accurate of them): Its goal is the happiness of the couple and the achievement of pregnancy without costly research

· Sexual relationship stages

· Causes of sexual disorders (lack of desire, lack of secretions in women, lack of a sense of climax in both sides, erectile dysfunction or lack of ejaculation in men)

· How are these disorders treated?

-Environmental factors affect fertility and reproductive functions such as chemicals, dry cleaning, cosmetics, modern kitchens, lead (paints / ceramics / plastics) and electromagnetic waves.

-These factors cause a high risk for: – Pregnant women – Children up to 3 years.

-Some tips to follow to avoid risk.

  • The call is a personal divine choice through a conscientious appeal that serves the dispatcher to execute a divine order.
  • The marriage call is no less valuable than the other church calls.
  • Christian marriage is the association of two adults (a man and a woman) with their free consent, for their good, and with the intention of procreating and raising the offspring and forming a common life and carrying out their own duties.
  • Marriage is a Pact of love, a free contract, Holy Sacrament
  • Since marriage is a sacrament, how do we obtain the blessing of this sacrament?
  • Chastity is a virtue, and virtue is that the person is faithful: always, with joy and spontaneously
  • How can marriage be chaste?
  • What is the concept of marital consent and barriers that hinder marriage?
  • Why must the documentation of marriage in court be speeded up after church marriage?
  • Is there a difference between nullity, separation, and divorce legally and ecclesiastically?
  • Counseling is a process that maintains family bonding and its fundamentals are Bible commands, previous experiences, and humanities
  • When do I seek guidance and who is the guide, and where can I find someone to help me?
  • Personality: It is the imprint that distinguishes a person and related to his actions and principles, which is made up from the first day of pregnancy.
  • The personality is affected by some factors such as genetics, the condition of the mother during conception, …..
  • What are personality disorders and how can they be discovered?

Dialogue is defined as the communication that takes place between two or more people in order to talk about a specific topic, but the art of successful dialogue means that this dialogue is based on principles that make it reach the goal for which it was conducted

-We are different as a couple … but can we always make our dialogue fruitful and constructive?

  • There are certainly many causes that lead to marital problems: such as: different spouses’ personalities, family interference, lying and concealment of facts, economic problems, intellectual and cultural problems, and an inhuman relationship between spouses.
  • But can we avoid these problems and ensure the continuity of married life with all the challenges and difficulties surrounding us?
  • There is no education without dialogue and relationship between parents and children.
  • Parents’ interest in self-development and its impact on the proper education of children.
  • How to communicate and guide children.
  • Everyone is a publisher, and the problem is publishing without knowing the consequences of what we publish
  • The danger of compensating for the lack of real relationships with a virtual world
  • The positive effects and negative consequences of the media on the family