The Call for AI Ethics was signed in Rome – Saint Joseph Institute Joining Rome Call For Ethics

The Call for AI
Ethics was signed in Rome February 28th2020 signed in Rome by Microsoft, IBM, FAO –
Building momentum on the ethical

approach towards Artificial Intelligence endorsed
by Pope Francis

 The Rome
Call for AI Ethics
 is a document
created to support an ethical approach to Artificial Intelligence and promote a
sense of shared responsibility among organizations, governments and
institutions with the aim of guaranteeing a future in which digital innovation
and technological progress are at the service of human ingenuity and

«Progress can make a
better world possible if it goes together with the common good».
12 months – the ‘family’ of signatories has grown and working to make the document
more and more known…, ….. Without equitable and widespread development there
will be no justice, there will be no peace, there will be no universal

SJI Joining
Rome Call For Ethics

On July 2021 , Prof. Dr. Mounir Farag , the Founder
and President of St Joseph Institute for the Family, Life & bioethics ,
joining Rome Call for Ethics. The Reasons why SJI  joined Rome Call as an organization is based
on our  Professional expertise &
Advocacy in the field of Health Sector, Bioethics and Family  …

Our Commitments : Advocacy at 360 degrees For a  better world in harmony  with the common good and a common vision of
technology at the service of all humanity specially the fragile , remote and
marginalized   without discrimination or
exclusion  …to  make the Rome Call for Ethics  more and more known in our field of work :
Youth, family, multicultural , monotheistic religions and  believes society.