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Saint Joseph Institute for Family & Life concluded the 61th pre-marriage

In the presence of His Eminence Bishop Claudio Lorati, Bishop of the Latin Church in Egypt, the Saint Joseph Institute for Family and Life On Friday, 4th February, 2022, concluded the 61th pre-marriage preparatory course for engaged couples in great Cairo. 32 couples participated from different churches and society categories.

The Institute wishes the 60th course couples, sincere love and happiness to build a family based on the Holy Family Model.

Pontifical Academy for Life annual general assembly:” Public Health in Global Perspective: Pandemic, Bioethics, Future”

Partcipation of Dr. Mounir Farag, founder of Saint Joseph Institue for Family Life and Bioethics (SJI), and Dr. Sandra Azab researcher at SJI institute, at the Pontifical Academy for Life annual general assembly that took place from September 27th to 29th at Vatican city.

The theme of the Workshop is ” Public Health in Global Perspective: Pandemic, Bioethics, Future”. the Workshop intended to offer a reflection on certain ethical values that proved crucial in this circumstance, but also analysis of the challenges posed by a necessary ethical, medical and ecological conversion. The aim is to give an original contribution to the important debate on public health and the problems that this health emergency has highlighted. To make sense of what has happened and not to lose lessons learned from the crisis.

Pope Francis inaugurated the assembly by giving his speech to the members highlighting the importance of listening to the cries of the most vulnerable during pandemic COVID-19.

The members discussed the pandemic aspects from a medical, bioethical, philosophical and socio-economical perspective. The speakers also discussed the global aspects related to the pandemic like: Scientific Research, Market and economy, Freedom and common good, Zoonosis. The workshop included five working groups to give a space for small group discussions which ended up by recommendations made by each groupa and presented at the end of the Workshop.

Dr. Farag was in charge of the moderation of ” Public Health Dimensions” session on day 2.

At the end of the workshop, Sandra presented the most important questions suggested by the group of young researchers, to be addressed by the academy for future topics.

Virtues in the Ethics of Life

On March 3-4th 2016, the Pontifical Academy for Life held in the Vatican its XXII General Assembly, connected with the workshop Virtues in the Ethics of Life.

Prof. Mounir Farag presented his  Topic in presence of Ambassador of Egypt HE Seif El Nasr:        

The virtuous institution in service to life

The proposals of certain widespread moral theories in the area of the ethics of life (principalism, consequentialism, situational ethics, etc.) are not able to offer a sufficient perspective to set in motion a correct deliberation, which would guarantee, on the one hand, the proper foundation in the natural moral law, and on the other hand, the suitable response to the concrete circumstances.     

Ethics from a moral virtues perspective, intended as acquired habits which accomplish a determined good, is the perfect assistant, both on the level of conscience and on the level of the act. Virtue Ethics implies a unified plan of life oriented towards the recognition and attainment of the ends-goods of human activities.

Satisfying the thirst for hope in the world

Vatican City, February 17, 2021. – The Pontifical Academy for Life wants to be deeply embodied in contemporary society: the work of the study seminar reserved for Academicians, took place online . Over 100 Academics have participated, from Europe, Africa, Asia, America.

-Reflection starting with the themes of the two encyclicals of Pope Francis: “Laudato Sì” and “Fratelli Tutti“;  This part was moderated by Prof. Gabriella Gambino, under-secretary of the Laity, Family, Life Dicastery.

In the first speech, Prof. M. Therese Lysaught, Loyola University of Chicago, addressed the connection between the two encyclicals.

In the second speech, Prof. Felix Löwenstein, president of the Bund Ökologische Lebensmittelwirtschaft (BÖLW – Germany), examined issues related to biodiversity, defined «the immune system of the earth». 

In the third speech, Prof. Mounir Farag, professor at Senghor University in Alexandria (Egypt), founder and director of the St. Joseph Institute for Family and Pro Vita (Egypt), underlined that «the year 2020 was marked by the massive Covid-19 health crisis, which became a global phenomenon cutting across boundaries. These events have taught us how important it is to care for one another and for creation in our efforts to build a more fraternal society. A culture of care as a way to combat the culture of indifference, waste and confrontation so prevalent in our time».


The Call for AI Ethics was signed in Rome – Saint Joseph Institute Joining Rome Call For Ethics

The Call for AI
Ethics was signed in Rome February 28th2020 signed in Rome by Microsoft, IBM, FAO  
www.romecall.org –
Building momentum on the ethical

approach towards Artificial Intelligence endorsed
by Pope Francis

 The Rome
Call for AI Ethics
 is a document
created to support an ethical approach to Artificial Intelligence and promote a
sense of shared responsibility among organizations, governments and
institutions with the aim of guaranteeing a future in which digital innovation
and technological progress are at the service of human ingenuity and

«Progress can make a
better world possible if it goes together with the common good».
12 months – the ‘family’ of signatories has grown and working to make the document
more and more known…, ….. Without equitable and widespread development there
will be no justice, there will be no peace, there will be no universal

SJI Joining
Rome Call For Ethics

On July 2021 , Prof. Dr. Mounir Farag , the Founder
and President of St Joseph Institute for the Family, Life & bioethics ,
joining Rome Call for Ethics. The Reasons why SJI  joined Rome Call as an organization is based
on our  Professional expertise &
Advocacy in the field of Health Sector, Bioethics and Family  …

Our Commitments : Advocacy at 360 degrees For a  better world in harmony  with the common good and a common vision of
technology at the service of all humanity specially the fragile , remote and
marginalized   without discrimination or
exclusion  …to  make the Rome Call for Ethics  more and more known in our field of work :
Youth, family, multicultural , monotheistic religions and  believes society. 

Saint Joseph Institute for Family & Life concluded the 60th pre-marriage preparatory course.

Under the patronage and presence of His Beatitude “Ibrahim Ishak”, Coptic Catholic Patriarch of Alexandria, Saint Joseph Institute for Family & Life concluded on Friday, 6th August 2021, the 60th pre-marriage preparatory course for engaged couples in great Cairo. Thirty couples participated from different churches and society categories.

His Beatitude listened to some impressions from the participants, here are some examples: “The course helped us build together the foundation of the family that will help us in our future married life”…. “Through the course, we got to know each other more and created a profound dialogue between us and understanding  the personality of each other”…We understood the  need for preparation before marriage, because it’s “A sacred vocation” like the “Priest  vocation ”…. “One of the most important things we learned during the course is:  To move our speech from “me” to “us”.

His Beatitude the Patriarch encouraged the couples; affirming that the foundation of the family is: -God’s love, Unity, and communion life, based on sincere dialogue between the two Spouses.

 He concluded his Patriarchal speech, giving the couples His Paternal  blessing.

The Institute wishes the 60th course couples, sincere love and happiness to build a family based on the Holy Family Model.

Inauguration of the 60th pre-marriage preparatory course in Cairo

Inauguration of the 60th pre-marriage preparatory course on Friday, 2nd April, 2021.

30 couples participated in this course.

The day began with the Divine Liturgy, followed by a spiritual meditation on “God is love”, the first point of family spirituality, followed by introductory lecture about the institute and its services.

HB Patriarch “Ibrahim Isaaq” honored and blessed the opening. In his speech, he encouraged the couples to build Christian families, following the example of the Holy Family of Nazareth, and HB praised the mission of “Saint Joseph Institute” in preparing those who are about to get married considering current circumstances and challenges of the present era, especially technology and Social Media.

 He offered each couple a copy of the letter of Pope Francis regarding the year of “Saint Joseph- Patris Corde ”, “with a fatherly heart.”

He presented the Apostolic Exhortation “The Joy of Love- Amoris Letitia ” and concluded with the family prayer.

The first day included three lectures:

-Lecture on the medical aspects presented by Dr. Marie-Claire Mounir, included an explanation of the biology of women. Understanding women wonderfulness in giving and offering and emphasizing the wonderful nature of the reproductive system. Special guidance of medical aspects towards correcting distorted perceptions of the beautiful meaning of love.

-The second lecture by Dr. Mounir Farag was continuation of the medical aspects, the physiological and anatomical explanation of the male reproductive system, clarifying the anatomical similarities between man and woman.

– Dr. Mounir Farag presented a lecture on Natural Family Planning, emphasizing the definition, the spirit and concept: Are they contraceptives? What are the fundamental differences? The natural method: It is a way of life for birth control, its culture is a culture of life, lived and shared by the spouses together, and it is a method created by the laws of nature. The natural ovulation method, or Billings (the most accurate of them): its goal is the happiness of the spouses and the achievement of pregnancy without exorbitant research.

-The third lecture presented by Dr. Marie- Claire introducing the practical aspects of   Billings method, its benefits, and an explanation of how to register and follow up table registration table   with every girl.

Waiting for you in the next episode on Friday, May 21, with four interesting and varied lectures and workshops.

Pre-Marriage preparation course (51) in Alexandria

The Institute announces:

The beginning of the course (51) for the preparation of the new couples in Alexandria

From Friday, 12 March 2021, ends in June 2021

*We recommend the attendance of the course of Premarital preparation for all new couples
* We hope to guide the new couples of different churches to register before the start of the course
Institute Alexandria branch: Resurrection Cathedral: 9 koleyet el Teb St., El Raml Station
-for Registration- Alex: Mrs. Magda Creta: 3552076 0122
        Or Cairo Headquarter : 24533663 –   01286460895 Every Day from 10 am to 2 pm (except Sunday)



The beginning of the Pre-Marriage preparation course (28) in Sohag

The Institute announces

The beginning of pre-marriage preparation course (28) in Sohag


Friday, 26 March 2021

 We recommend the attendance of the course of Premarital preparation for all new couples

* We hope to guide the new couples of different churches to register before the start of the course

Pope Francis to mark fifth anniversary of ‘Amoris laetitia’ with year dedicated to family

Pope Francis announced Sunday a special year dedicated to the family, marking the fifth anniversary of the publication of his apostolic exhortation Amoris laetitia.

In his Angelus address Dec. 27, the feast of the Holy Family, the pope noted that March 19, 2021, would mark five years since the signing of Amoris laetitia following synods on the family in 2014 and 2015.

He said: “Today’s feast reminds us of the example of evangelising with the family, proposing to us once again the ideal of conjugal and family love, as underlined in the apostolic exhortation Amoris laetitia, promulgated five years ago this coming March 19. And it will be a year of reflection on Amoris laetitia and it will be an opportunity to focus more closely on the contents of the document. These reflections will be made available to ecclesial communities and families, to accompany them on their journey.”

“As of now, I invite everyone to take part in the initiatives that will be promoted during the Year and that will be coordinated by the Dicastery for Laity, Family, and Life. Let us entrust this journey, with families all over the world, to the Holy Family of Nazareth, in particular to St. Joseph, the devoted spouse and father.”